Monday 26 January 2015

The YOTAPHONE 2 and Why it's Exciting

How many phones do you see with 2 screens?
I'm going to hazard a guess and say it's not that many. In fact, when I was first introduced to the notion, I literally laughed and said that was a dumb idea. However, it's utilities, having researched the topic, appear to vastly outweigh the apparent stupidity of the idea.

This is 5 reasons to be excited for the YOTAPHONE 2.

1. Battery Life
The LCD screen on the front of the device is nothing to shout about. It's 5", has a pixel density of 441PPI and runs 1080P video. But these specs aren't going to jump off the page. The really massive advantage to having that E-Paper screen is that E-paper requires no power to show a still image, and only requires power when the screen is changing. When reading a web page (Like this one), or viewing photos, so much power can be saved it's unimaginable. In fact, the phone allows you to do everything you can on the front, on the back. It may as well be an E-Paper phone, if that's how you want to use it.
2. Notifications
The flashing LED in current smartphones is tiny and easy to miss, and power consuming. The Yotaphone 2 has an entire back facing screen to show you you have a notification, you are NOT going to miss that text!
3. It will inspire innovation
The YOTAPHONE 2 is innovative. No doubt. But other manufacturers out there, are not. Unfortunately there's a limit to how far manufacturers will go to innovate, in case it flops. (Look at what happened to the Fire Phone) The YOTAPHONE 2 will inspire other manufacturers to consider new ideas. Hologram phones here we come!
4. YotaWatch?
Smartwatches are battling the issue of one day battery life, but could Yota utilise their E-paper ideas into an innovative Android wear smartwatch? Perhaps when the screen is on, you can see your Now cards etc, but when it isn't you can just see an E-Paper watchface? Food for thought, but any way around it has to be more innovative than the Apple Watch.
5. We are reviewing it!
Yes, in February you can expect to see this site light up with YOTAPHONE 2 articles and reviews, as this is the first product we will be testing, the brilliant people at YOTAPHONE have let us borrow a review unit for our consideration. Check back soon for updates!

By, Ed Mapletoft