Friday 2 September 2016

Beats - Do they really beat the competition?

In 2011 Dr. Dre partnered with Monster Cable Co. to produce what would become the worldwide phenomenon; Beats Headphones. These headphones were around the first to feature flat - 'tangle free' cables which had "ControlTalk" meaning you can control your music from the panel on the cable, if you're using iOS of course - otherwise, the pause and play feature will function, but the volume controls will not.

These headphones have become 'THE' fashionable brand on the market, due to their colourful, understated design and the prominent 'Beats b' logo. The headphones come in various designs, from wireless In-ear earbuds to huge over-ear headphones, all claiming to allow you to hear music 'How the artists wanted you to hear it', according to Dr. Dre himself.

However, having owned the costly PowerBeats 2 Wireless Sports earbuds for some time now, I have grown used to this high level of sound quality boasted about by the manufacturers and I am truly impressed. I thought that the brand name was all people bought the headphones for, but after using these headphones for almost a year I can't go back to stock headphones, or even cheaper designer headphones - they simply are not nearly good enough.

If you want incredible sound clarity and quality, this is not the place to look. Manufacturers like Audeze or Audio Technica have produced far better sounding headphones with open backs, sound isolation and noise-cancellation. However, in my opinion, they don't look as good as Beats br Dr. Dre. This, obviously, is very subjective, I will not have the same eye for fashion as you, however, the headphones come in many colours, from white to designer colours, such as snarticulture designed pure white.

If you are an audiophile, choose a different brand, perhaps, but if you want a great sound quality and a great looking pair of headphones, this IS the way to go.

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