Wednesday 28 December 2016

5 Reasons to invest in good quality headphones.

We have all done it - bought a £10 pair of headphones which lasted 2 weeks and the gone back and bought another pair, and so on. However, I've take it one step further and invested in a higher quality pair from the brand Skulcandy. These, however are only £25 and broke within 6 weeks. There is definitely an alternative; Think long term.

These are my top 5 reasons to invest in high quality headphones;

1: The most expensive headphones come with warranties.
Yes, cars have warranties. Did you know, you can get warranties with headphones as well? If your headphones break during the course of normal usage, you can claim on your warranty and get a replacement pair for no extra cost, so even if they DO break, then you won't have to buy another pair of headphones with your hard earned cash - imagine breaking your headphones and not having a warranty? They are broken, you need to buy new ones. The warranty means that a headphone broken is a headphone replaced.

2: They will not be poorly made.
We all know that cheap headphones are made from low-grade plastics, use the cheapest metals in wires and spend as little time on the design as possible to make the most profit. This is not true for high quality headphones. Beats, for example, use metals in the design, to make the headphones LOOK good. They cost a lot, but they have sat down and worked hard on the design, they use premium materials and they offer warranties, so that they have to pay for any that break - it is inn their interest to use high grade materials, so they don't miss out on the sales that broken headphones lose them. You'll be changing your headphones once every 3 years, not every 3 weeks.

3: They look great.
How many times have you seen somebody walking about with cheap headphones and thought; "Wow, they are awesome, I have to get me some of those!" - I'll answer for you. Never. When you buy a reputable, named brand, like Beats, Audio Technica or Bose and you will catch jealous eyes, and return their gaze with a sickly sweet smile as you walk on by. These designs are specifically made to look great and catch they eye, especially in bright colours.

4. They sound great.
From experience I can tell you that you are not hearing the whole song from cheap headphones. You hear a tinny bass, perhaps some fuzzy highs and variable mids. With quality headphones, you hear the deep, booming baseline, you hear the highest highs and the smooth mids. You can hear every instrument. You can feel the music. You will hear rhythms and beats in songs you never knew existed until you listened to it with high quality headphones. Trust me.

5. Wirelessness.
I myself, have invested in some wireless headphones and I can tell you that there is nothing more freeing than not having to deal with a wire dangling from your head to your waist, you can move your head without pulling your audio cable out.. You don't have to deal with TANGLES in the cables. It is so much easier and comes standard in many high quality headphones, or is a more expensive model - it is well worth it. Also, if you use bluetooth headphones, your phone won't have to power them, meaning your phone's battery will last longer!

So, now it's down to you. Will you be purchasing some high quality headphones? Do you already have some and agree -- or disagree with me? Let us know, in the comments, below!

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